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For the better part of a decade I travelled hard, fast and continuously- chasing deadlines for weekly travel features linked to prizes. Not being quite a tourist, or on holiday, affords a different perspective. I’m kinda speed dating with owners and staff and, like in movies, associations and relationships are accelerated and in most cases I get a peek behind the scenes. I’ll share some of those, some tips and plenty of my favourite places. And you can get to go to some of them too.

Interior Design

I like pretty things and I’m sort of arty, but I know people who are more so- and experts in their field- so I’ll leave this bit to my old friend Quentin, who I met when studying art back in ’82.
Visit http://qstudio.co.za/

Tipples and Tastebuds

I love tastes and textures but am more gourmand than gourmet. Quentin has more refined tastebuds than me and will share his take on bites he’s had. Check out Q’s Reviews.

Here in South Africa we are most fortunate to have wonderful wines at prices that tourists can’t resist. Nor can we. Our craft beers and ciders are a hit too, there’s decent coffee to be found and South Africa produces some of the world’s finest whiskies and brandies.

Our Contributors

Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski
I met Aaron six years ago at a lovely lodge on the lower Zambezi River. He is a force of- and passionate about- nature and a brilliant photographer, videographer, tv presenter and writer. Check out his stuff at http://www.aarongekoski.com/